California Green Business Program

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California Green Business Program

is asking all small businesses to join the California Green Business Program in 2012. The program, which started in 1995, is now going statewide. Businesses have a choice of ways to become certified green such as using less toxic cleaning products, installing light timing sensors or recycling cartridges in printers. Many local governments and organizations have partnered with DTSC to come up with a green certification checklist. California Green Business ProgramScript:VO: MORE AND MORE CALIFORNIA BUSINESSES ARE DICOVERING THAT GOING GREEN IS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND THEIR BOTTOM LINE! Sot James Lim – California Green Business OwnerIf you calculate the return on investment in the long run it’s actually giving us a significant amount of savingsVO: HE’S ONE OF THOUSANDS OF CA BUSINESS OWNERS WHO’RE HELPING TO REDUCE THEIR ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT(NAT) NOW THE STATE IS ASKING ALL SMALL BUSINESSES TO GET ON BOARD AND HELP EXPAND THE CALIFORNA GREEN BUSINESS NETWORK IN 2012. CALEPA’S DEPT OF TOXIC SUBSTANCE CONTROL SAYS THE PROGAM MAY GIVE COMPANIES A COMPETITIVE Debbie Raphael – DTSC DirectorJoining the California Green business program allows a business to demonstrate to their customers that they care deeply about the environment. That they care, in fact, so much that they’re willing to look internally and ask themselves ‘what can we do differently so that our business not only perhaps sells environmentally friendly products but actually acts in an environmentally responsible : FOR MANY YEARS DTSC HAS BEEN HELPING MANY SMALL BUSINESSES GO THE PROGRAM, KNOWN AS AB 913 IS GOING Debbie Raphael – DTSC DirectorWe have found over and over again that one of the main benefits of being a green business is that customer recognition. Customers love it when they come to a business and they see the decal. They can easily identify what is a green business. Customers want to know that their dollars are being spent for the good of their neighborhoods for the good of the planet. VO: BUSINESSES HAVE A CHOICE OF WAYS TO BECOME CERTIFIED GREEN SUCH AS USING LESS TOXIC CLEANING PRODUCTS, INSTALLING LIGHT TIMING SENSORS OR RECYCLING CARTRIDGES IN PRINTERS. MANY LOCAL GOVERNMENTS AND ORGANIZATIONS HAVE PARTNERED WITH DTSC TO COME UP WITH A GREEN CERTIFICATION of inspection at dream innSot of Cathlin Atchison – Santa Cruz Green Business ProgramWe are there every step of the way. We arrange for them to get rebates on toilets, we arrange rebates on lighting so that whatever they decide to invest in there is some financial help of Sushma Bhatia – San Francisco Green Business ProgramWhen a business enrolls in the program we serve as a comprehensive environmental services package. What that means is that we’ll educate the business on all aspects of environmental responsibility and : IN SOME CASES CERTIFCIATION CAN TAKES JUST A FEW MONTHS NAT green business inspectionGraphicTHE CA GREEN BUSINESS PROGRAM NOT ONLY HELPS COMPANIES TO MEET EXISTING FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL GOES GO BEYOND WHEN IT COMES TO ENERGY USE, WASTEWATER REDUCTION, SOLID WASTE REDUCTION AND POLLUTION PREVENTION. ()Ceil Scandone – Association of BayArea GovernmentsWe don’t want to replicate and duplicate. We want to provide a package for small businesses that is integrated and comprehensive so that they have one point of of Debbie Raphael – DTSC DirectorWhat’s wonderful about this program is that we set standards that are robust. That are achievable by businesses small and large, nonetheless, they have integrity and so consumers can be confident that if they see that California Green Business symbol it’s of Sung Lee – California Green Business OwnerWhat it did was change your mindset to (being) more conscious about how you use energy and ‘s the :MORE THAN TWENTYSIX HUNDRED CA BUSINESSES AND AGENCIES HAVE MADE THE SO DON”T GET LEFT OUT! MAKE 2012 THE YEAR YOUR BUSINESS BECOMES GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, AND GOOD FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS Sot James Lim – California Green Business OwnerWhen I look at the comparisons I say wow why wasn’t I doing this a long time ago? ( close with animation)

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