Green Business Model in Ontario - ThermaGreen Video Profile

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Green Business Model in Ontario - ThermaGreen Video Profile

ThermaGreen Environmental attended the unveiling of the proposed Waste Reduction framework at the Ontario Legislature on June 6th, 2013. The Ontario Minister of Environment Jim Bradley spotlighted leading Ontario green businesses while announcing sweeping changes to enhance diversion from landfill. ThermaGreen had the opportunity to be a shining example of an Ontario based company focused on green innovation you know that in a period of one year ThermaGreen has diverted the equivalent of four miles of tractor trailers lined up full of post-industrial closed cell polyethylene foam material from landfill. Put in another way, this would equate to TEN CN Towers’ in height by truckload per commitment is to the environment and sustainability; we will continue to work with each of you,our customers, suppliers, and the community to adopt procedures that will improve our environmental responsibility and management.

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