Why Go Green?

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Why Go Green?

, located in Ipswich, Massachusetts, was motivated to go green out of its desire to do the right thing, as well as its policy to behave in a way that’s consistent with what their employees want. Tim Collins, President of EBSCO, stated that when the company did their research, they saw that there were a lot of great arguments for being green, and there really weren’t any arguments to not be green. Some of the green initiatives that EBSCO put in place are as follows:- Solar Panels: EBSCO installed a vast array of more than 400 solar panels on its mill buildings to help produce Electric Charging Stations: EBSCO was the first company in Massachusetts to put in an electric charging station to motivate employees to buy electric Hybrid Corporate Vehicles: EBSCO replaced its corporate fleet of vehicles with Certified Green Restaurant: The Riverside Caf at EBSCO Publishing has earned a 3-star certification from the Green Restaurant Association. The Caf composts pre-consumer waste and recycles glass, plastic, and aluminum. EBSCO Publishing provides coffee mugs for employees and has eliminated the use of paper coffee cups altogether. -Commuter Rail Reimbursement: EBSCO reimburses employees who opt to take the commuter rail as an alternative to driving. This program supports EBSCO’s green initiatives and reduces the need for Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags: EBSCO has provided over 200,000 eco-friendly shopping bags to the surrounding community. – Free Environmental Resource for Libraries: EBSCO provides libraries with GreenFILE free of charge. GreenFILE is an environmental research database that libraries can share with their patrons. It covers topics including global climate change, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and Suggestions for Green Initiatives: EBSCO Publishing has a ‘Green Team’ program in place which encourages employee suggestions on how to become a more environmentally friendly business. The Green Team has implemented green initiatives including ‘Vending-Misers’ (vending machines that power down when not in use) and motion-sensored lighting. Mr. Collins believes that sizeable companies can afford to be a little less profitable and do the right thing by going green. He maintains that there is an element of environmental responsibility that companies need to adhere to. Mr. Collins hopes that EBSCO’s Green Initiatives will influence other companies to become more eco-friendly as well. EBSCO is the leading provider of online research databases and eBooks for colleges & universities, public libraries, hospitals & medical institutions, corporations, government institutions, and K-12 schools. EBSCO is recognized in the state of Massachusetts for its green initiatives and has earned numerous awards including an ‘Environmental Merit Award’ from the Environmental Protection Agency.

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